Things that caught my eye this weekend…

1. For the last several months, options expiration week has been quite the short killer. About time that changed. After all it is October and everyone excepts some fireworks…

2. QE 2 rules, at least until the election outcome is well known.

3. A more reasonable (less giddy) take on Apple, here.

4. The new documentary on the financial crisis, “Inside job” gets reviews here, and here.  

5. The Dow is irrelevant. Click here for someone who says it better than me!

5. NASDAQ 100 looking funky. Commercial hedgers (read smart money) is shorter now than ever before. Dumb money (Rydex bulls)  is long. The chart below tells that story. If it falls I hope it”s closer to Apple earnings. Except for Apple, the few things I have are downside bets on tech. Not enough of a hedge though….