Its been awhile

since I did a post of things that caught my eye.

a) A word cloud of the risks section in the Groupon IPO filing (here) shows that the most common word is “MAY.”

b) Stories about the possible Sino-Forest fraud (a Chinese company, here) and the fate of Radiant Pharma (tying up with an Indian one, here). Their partners are grasping at straws and their investors are grasping at BRICs!

c) Aleph has nice pieces on the Impossible Dream (here).

d) A friend pointed me to a story (here) of legislative legedermain. Apparently in Minneapolis, a legislative “deal”  merges  police and firemen pension plans. It reduces the city’s payment obligations by simply increasing the rate of return assumptions on existing assets. We talked in class about how corporations do this, now governments as well. There IS NO SUCH THING AS FINANCIAL LITERACY.