Credit Crisis redux:

One of the nice fallouts of the 2008-09 crisis was that there were a series of well-constructed graphs and articles in the media, many of which are in various places on this website. As the planet revisits credit issues, I am seeing more of the same. Here for your perusal are some, there will be more.

a) How banks got TBTF (too big to fail), from Mother Jones, here. The chart of the series of mergers since the 1990’s that created JPMorgan, Bank of America and Wells Fargo is priceless.

b) Simon Johnson- someone who saw this coming from his perch at the IMF a few years ago and since then as a Professor at MIT, (here).

c) Mauldin, writing for his high net worth investor base (here).

d) And a story about how Fannie and Freddie might have bailed out Bank of America!! (here).  The story told is of F and F (read your govt), bidding on mortgage assets (read Countrywide) with B of A in order to infuse capital. This after Warren did his bit.  How different is this from France/Germany/Spain etc bailing out each other?