Timing seems to be everything.

The pattern the last few months has been quick moves on the S&p between 1120 and 1200. It is getting familiar now which means that it goes away pretty soon. Take the money and run, but keep going to the ones that work. Two of mine are FSLR and ACI the gifts that keep on giving. Methinks MS,and JOYG can belong to that list as well.  FOSL and NKE beckon too, but they are loved  much like Amazon. Missed gold and silver, but the safe haven gold bugs are saying it is Indian wedding season. This is what it analysis has come down to folks. And, in case you’re wondering, I don’t think the new Amazon products are Ipad killers but I have lost money over the years betting against Amazon. Some analyst will probably come out tomorrow saying what wonderful things the new kindles are-no mike, camera ,whatever.  Besides, why bet against a gorilla when there is a whole barrel of fish waiting to be shot (short).