As the world turns..

Views on the state of the US economy from leading economists (here). The bleakness seems pretty universal, which means lots of shorting, lots of squeezes and volatility. Yahoo shows far more SPY and IWM January put option activity and open interest. I am not sure how reliable that number is, If I was an active trader type I would get some kind of real-time index option put-call ratio statistics.

Would be nice if all of us could have defined-benefit plans OR Normal people shouldn’t need to invest? (here).

Getting closer to making me redundant as a teacher is this completely ONLINE course on entrepreneurial finance being offered at the Sloan School of Management , MIT, Boston, MA. Yale already has an online financial markets class. While I can complain about possibly better teachers and courses than I can offer, there is a part of me that actually wants to take some of the non-finance courses!

An annually published world’s hardest general knowledge quiz (here).