Updating earnings news on stocks I watch.

1. CAT’s numbers were quite phenomenal and did surprise me. Their guidance was rosy, they are claiming that they see no global recession this year. That part I would tend to agree with, the rest of the world outside Europe and to some extent the US appears to be doing fine. Starbucks provides a more tepid forecast.

2. Riverbed and Juniper blow up. Riverbed is peculiar, about a month ago, they released a fairly rosy forecast and I remember going along for part of the ride up.Juniper is probably suffering from networking cutbacks by Verizon and T.

3. Netflix. I stopped watching it last year. Pity. The drop in the stock from 300+ to 70 may have been an overreaction. I remember posts saying so, but when momo people bail from a stock, it is not clear where that settles. Still,  at 20-30X earnings it remains  fairly expensive. It is not going back up to past levels without major battles along the way.

4. Chevron earnings decline, Capital one misses, Starbucks underwhelms, and the beat goes on.