Staying away but watching.

Definitely didn’t expect that huge save from down 100 Dow points to the flatline. Glad that I have learnt to recognize and back off when there is no clarity.  It has kept me away from trouble.  One chattering source says that the relentless buying is cash on the sidelines buying into the golden cross, another that this is money from Europe.

Everybody has an opinion but nobody has a clue.

Whoever is buying sees  the same headlines as I do don’t they.

Overnight futures are positive but that can change if the Greek and Portugal story still dominates. One of these days, whoever is buying the US morning dips is going to get broadsided. But since I am in one-liner mode, here is another that I read somewhere recently.

It is better to be late and right than early and wrong.

There is the invisible hand of the marketplace giving us the finger!