The long and the short of it.

Small longs in GMCR (barely 5 seconds before it took off), GILD (about the first hour)and BRCM (all day) with tight stops.  Small shorts in VRTX and SPY (surely there will be one scare before expiration). Will see how Amylin reacts to earnings before deciding if I want in again. And the daily volume was the lowest in a decade. Usually institutions don’t play much on Mondays, apparently individuals are not playing either. And I am still hung up on macro.

Not much to report, the usual story of open low and close high,  if you must buy, be a flipper. Swapped the shorts for pennies, entering URBN and DB.  Considering AMZN- something I do a couple of times a year and rarely make money on. Call it a fascination with the horrible.  The market will go down when it wants, not when you want it to. Money is still coming out of TLT after a 20% year, and that has to go somewhere. Stopped out on GMCR, yesterdays move was a sucker play.