More Koolaid.

Housing supply shrinks, cherry pick what data points you like and ignore the ones you don’t!  I am not against optimism, but it has to be somewhat grounded in reality. The glass may be half full, but barely.  Not sure what is in the glass though, something stronger than water methinks. Still, you have to admire the way the programs work. Keep the averages up, keep the Dow in striking distance of 13000, suck in as much of the money on the sidelines as possible.  Nice to be proven right on the retail and financial shorts. Sold SLB into the morning pop, still keeping DMND, BRCM, not really sure why except that I don’t want to be only short.  Without short sellers, this market is not going up much, they have been squeezed so badly the last 2 months that they are probably cowering somewhere. Ask me about this when we talk short selling.