Global Government Sachs

1. News that Jim O’Neill, a Goldman Strategist who coined BRIC and later MIST has been approached for the Bank of England Governor job should tell you about the public/private nexus is going global.

2. News also from Goldman that the US probably added only 125K jobs in April (following a March disappointment) knocks SPY futures down a quick 4 points.  This is a potential market mover folks and why two-sided exposure helps.

3. Merger Monday appears to be back with Sunoco and Barnes and Nobles showing wondrous pops. Little known Gen-Probe of our fair city gets a bid as well. You should notice how bank failures (there were 22 last week) are announced on Friday after markets close while merger news is announced on Monday mornings before markets open.

4. Apple quietly slips back below 600, as Europe and slowdown fears tank oil and gold. The dollar’s rise trumps everything. And all this just before the end-of-month? A slow drip down today and a squeeze up tomorrow is consistent with a pattern we have seen often.


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