Damned if we do and damned if we don’t, c’est moi. What say vous?

1  In the context of the elections, the Atlantic does this piece on cognitive biases. Simply stated it says that “people with too much information have a propensity to cheat.”  The more you know the more you’re likely to accept what you believe and dismiss what you don’t. This must be even more pronounced in today’s world of sound bites, tweets  and short attention span. How many times have you clicked away from or pooh poohed an argument you haven’t liked, without really listening to it?

You know I have to relate this to markets. Bearish (bullish) people dismiss bullish (bearish) arguments. You only pay attention to analysts whose thesis confirms to what you believe. Admit it.  Otherwise you’ll keep doing it till you’re broke. On the same vein,  think for a moment about the implications of this for classroom learning from your teachers. ! If we know too much, we are biased into pushing our own agendas. If we don’t know too much, we are not worth listening to.

2.  Since I just posted a job announcement, this article about being a woman working at Goldman seemed a good follow-up link. (Not surprisingly– A frat on steroids!!!).


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