Jefferson County AL prepares to exit bankruptcy.

1. Since the depths of the financial crisis in 2008,  I have felt compelled to track the story of Jefferson County. Perhaps it “smelled” from the start, after all securities were sold to finance the construction of a sewer system!  Its latest exit plan is here. Along the same lines,a story about vulture hedge funds circling other municipal carcasses (here).

2. A colleague sent along this video link on asset pricing (here). It is in the spirit of macro videos I have posted before talking about the Bernank.

3. Vanity Fair does its periodic story of financial shenanigans.  Every one that I have read has been worth its time, several are in various places on this site. This one (saved here), talks about SAC Capital, one of the most successful hedge funds ever and fleshes out what happens in this business more often than not. Shades of Galleon, Gupta and Guiliani!


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