The Twitter IPO filing.

Much yammering about the release of the Twitter IPO filing  at the SEC website (HERE) is for those interested.  There is some talk that they will be in the secondary market by Thanksgiving. The growth rate is staggering, but costs are growing too.  The company is still losing money. They have only 3 ad products that generate revenue. Due diligence means that one should read the MDA and look at the financials rather than mindlessly accept the synopsis in the media (they do get things wrong at times)., I am getting too old for this, I have seen this movie many times before, all the skeptics will become converts once the marketing frenzy starts. Besides, I don’t tweet, what could I know.  What I do know is that Amazon lost money for well over a decade after going public. And the profitability numbers in Google’s filing nearly 10 years ago now, were worth getting much more excited about.

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