She really is gone.

My thanks to many of you who sent condolences. In case you are interested, the two links below should give you a sense of the professional persona of my wife, Professor Rosemary George.

Ucsd Campus Notice, 10-29-13

UCSD Department of Literature Memoriam
I could go on and on about  her, but suffice to say that my daughter Jayshree and I will miss her forever.



  1. I join you and Jayshree in missing your Rosie forever. And as for going on about her please do so Badri. I’ll enjoy every word you write about your adored wife who played such a significant role in so many lives. So unspeakably unfair! L&K, tia Christa

  2. Badri- I am sorry for your unimaginable loss. I do hope and pray that you and Jayshree have the strength to endure this. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Take care. – Tarun

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