One of my new year resolutions is to go back to posting on the site before I lose the fan club completely.  Being away from the classroom while developing the Centre in Bangalore has had its distractions. But it is coming along now, a temporary finance lab with Bloombergs, an Investments MOOC, even an India-finance specific website, soon.

It seems appropriate to re-start with THIS piece by Jim Rogers that reverberates on so many levels. It is about the cost of US higher education, tenured faculty (my tribe) and academic freedom. What does an accounting professor need protection from he asks. His political beliefs about assets and liabilities? Ouch. It echoes things I have said to several of you about building networks, about taking classes online, about Universities financing expansions by issuing bonds linked to their brand names. It is a wake up call to faculty who walk into classrooms with outdated notes, examples from the twentieth century!. It is a wake-up call to university administrators who seem to keep increasing their numbers. It is a wake up call to students to demand more from those who are supposed to educate them.



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