CFA-Global Investment Challenge

Annually, the Association of Investment Management and Research (AIMR) organizes the Global Investment Research Competition, more popularly known as the CFA Global Investments Challenge. Student teams from local universities are chosen to conduct a complete financial analysis of a chosen local company. For this analysis, student teams listen to presentations from that company, obtain copies of 10-K and other company filings, and meet with academic and industry mentors in formulating an investment thesis. This written report strictly adheres to the guidelines of the AIMR and closely resembles a research report that Wall Street analysts would produce. In addition to the report, student teams make a presentation to a panel of judges, who are typically Chief Investment Officers at local investment funds.

I have served as the SDSU Coordinator for the San Diego Chapter of the CFA Society since 2010.  For more on the Society and Student memberships, click (HERE) and scroll to the bottom right.  Below are the rules for the  competition and a Fact Sheet on the Challenge. There may be minor alterations from year to year.

  1. Rules.
  2. Fact  Sheet
  3. The CFA 2013-14 Challenge, teams and reports.
  4. The CFA 2012-13 Challenge, teams and reports.
  5. The CFA 2011-12 Challenge, teams and reports.