Option Markets

  1. CBOE Options Blog (you may need to register).
  2. www.optionseducation.org (lots of material for learning about options)
  3. Optionetics (learning tools).
  4. Optionistics (more tools for options)
  5. Option Strategist
  6. Option Monster (for gossipy stuff).
  7. Futures Now (CNBC).
  8. Options for Rookies
  9. Intra-day put call ratios (live from CBOE)
  10. Daily Options Report (have to be a trader to appreciate this one, its gone now)
  11. Schaeffer Research
  12. Options Express Requires an account
  13. OptionVue (integrated software platform for traders)
  14. Option Pundit
  15. Charles Davi