This and that-November 17, 2012

1,  An honest attempt at clarifying some of the implications of Dodd-Frank for derivatives (here).  There is this slight, understated bias against regulation that seems to always crop up in articles of a similar vein. And we talk of liberal media! One of my favorite lines pops into my head again— Instead of reading between the lines, why don’t I just read the lines!!!

2. A capability that we should  be able to replicate with the Bloombergs in the finance lab.  If we can’t trust the quality of earnings, the rate at which firms match up to analyst’s expectations is not a bad way to parse the data.  See below.

3. Related to the above chart is one that compares reported revenues to estimates as well as companies raising or lowering earnings guidance for upcoming periods. Of course, Bespoke has that data (here).

4.  For more on the earnings that were just announced go (here). For a take on the upcoming quarter go (here).  S&P earnings forecasts of over $100 per share seems ludicrous to me in the face of global economic uncertainties and contractions. I wonder who originated the expression ” Lipstick on a pig!”