Data Sources

  1. Leading Economic Indicators (Conference Board, press releases page, pick LEI or other series being released)
  2. ECRI News Page
  3. Bureau of Labor Statistics (Economic Releases page)
  4. ETF List (source reliability not clear)
  5. Shiller P/E . The E is purported to be 10-year inflation adjusted. I have not verified the numbers personally, but the site provides the data as well and due diligence should be easy.
  6. S&P earnings and P/E data (click on SP500 in the 2nd column, then the + tab to the left of the “download index data” button, finally click index earnings to download the file that shows up)
  7. Weekly, Economic and Financial Highlights (Atlanta Fed)
  8. EDGAR (SEC, for corporate filings, 10Q, 10K, etc)
  9. FED (Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve)
  10. FRED (St. Louis Fed, for the graphs I show you at times)
  11. SIFMA (Security issuance, Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association)
  12. CRBTrader (futures market prices)
  13. Shadow Government Statistics
  14. Nanex (HFT and real time trading)
  15. SEC Forms List